Missing Words

Anime/Manga: Prince of Tennis
Note: Shonen-Ai (Tezuka/Fuji)
Chapters: 1 (divided into Prologue and 2 Parts)
Disclaimer: I do not own “Prince of Tennis”, Takeshi Konomi does. But the plot is mine.


Laughing and giggling a small boy with light brown hair was running after his older sister. With his six years his legs were much smaller then those of his 9 year old sister. He never had a chance to catch her. Thoughtfully and with a smile on her lips their mother watched them play in the garden.

“He’ll be okay.”

“I know, but…”

“He’s a healthy and talented boy.”

“You know that it’s not true, you know he’s not as healthy as you say he is.”

“Maybe he isn’t. But he’s skillful and whatever he tries, he succeeds.”

“The doctors don’t know whether it’s right we sent him to school.”

“But they don’t have a clue why he never started to talk either. And I don’t want them to do any more therapies. I want my boy to live a normal life. I want him to be happy.”

“So do I.”

“I know. Syusuke doesn’t have any problems understanding or writing. He’s probably more intelligent then we all think and-”

She looked up at her husband and smiled. “I love you.”

Turning around again she called out to her children.

“Yumiko! Syusuke!”

The boys and girls looked irritated at their teacher. The new year of school had just begun three months ago. New pupils usually joined class within the first weeks, but now there was a small and skinny boy standing next to their teacher smiling at them.

“Good morning boys and girls. Before we start with out maths class, let me introduce you new class mate to you.” She put her left hand on the small boy’s shoulder. “This is Fuji Syusuke. Please be kind and help him to feel comfortable here. – Please take a seat beside the tall boy with the brown hair over there.” She pointed at Kawamura Takashi and Fuji did as he was told.

Fuji Syusuke enjoyed going to school. It had taken some time until the other children in his class had stopped wondering why he never talked. But they knew he understood them and he usually succeeded in making them understand him by using his hands or simply writing things down. His class mates didn’t mop him, because whenever somebody started to tease him about not being able to talk, he would simply smile at them.

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